• Arenal 278x228

    Costa Rica

    La Fortuna

    By Aimée Colón

    The Graduate

    As a gift for her graduation, and this being her first foreign travel destination, I decided Costa Rica was a great place to send my niece.
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    Nippers 278x228


    Nipper's Great Guana Cay

    By Richard Thiel

    Abacos, Exotic Islands

    In terms of an easy-to-get to island paradise, nothing can compare to the Abacos chain in the Bahamas.
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    Spiaggia di Citara

    By Richard Thiel

    Ischia Island Dreams

    Ischia, which the Italians fondly refer to as their Island of Dreams, is something of a hidden gem, at least to foreigners.
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    Bern 278x228


    Bellevue Palace

    By Ron Stern

    Switzerland's Heart

    Small wonder Bern has consistently been rated among the world’s top ten cities for quality of life and good living.
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  • Parque Guell 278x228


    Parque Guell

    By Aimée Colón

    Barcelona Magical City

    Barcelona is the city of the arts and romance, every step you take on its old stone streets is a great discover.
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    TurksCaicos 278x228

    Turks & Caicos

    Da Conch Shack

    By Richard Thiel

    Down Island Paradise

    What makes Turks & Caicos so special is its unique blend of luxury and unspoiled nature.
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    El Rincon 278x228

    Puerto Rico

    Boqueron Beach

    By Aimée Colón

    Viva La Vida!

    The warmth and lively spirit of the people of this magical Caribbean paradise never cease to amaze.
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    Pies 278x228

    Traverse City

    Grand Traverse Pies

    By Ron Stern

    City of Delicious Secrets

    This is a city that loves its secrets, secrets like sweet temptations, tasty savories and tart confections.
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Richard Thiel 228x228

Editor insider tip

Nipper's is the place to go, one of the few beach bars on Guana Cay. Fun party atmosphere and great food.  —Richard Thiel 

Ortiz Juan 228x228

Reader insider tip

At El Rodaballo you will find fresh seafood and authentic Caribbean cuisine. A gem in the center of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  —Juan Ortiz 


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