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site rencontre espagne gratuit Contributor Thiel450x301Travelers are by definition adventurers; they’re always looking for the undiscovered, the unexpected. Seasoned travelers know the key to discovering those hidden gems is information, and the best kind of information is that which comes from fellow adventurers. The alternative is the kind of “old news” found in typical travel publications and web sites, the kind that ensures that when you finally reach a new destination, it will have been not only discovered but probably overrun.


https it opteck com piattaforma web Providing the kind of inside travel information that you can’t get anywhere else is what ISEEIGO is all about. The key to our success is our travel writers; they’re are just like you, never satisfied with the mundane and ordinary. Instead they’re always searching for that special little hill town, family restaurant, deserted hiking trail, funky museum, or whatever, that only a few lucky adventurers have found. Or maybe they’ve discovered an innovative way to cope with the inevitable challenges that inevitably come along with adventurous travel, be it keeping the kids from getting bored or dealing with a lost passport. Whatever the subject may be, our writers are obsessed discovering a new and better angle on it and then passing that critical information on to you, our readers, so that you can utilize it before anyone else. One thing you’ll never find on ISEEIGO is old news. Being a new site, ISEEIGO is constantly evolving, looking for ways to be even more useful to travelers, and one way we do that is by involving you, our readers. We understand that you’re not only our audience but also our best untapped resource. That’s why we want to hear from you, about everything but especially about your reactions to our stories. Were you disappointed in our recommendations? Did you find something even better when you visited? If you did, please tell us and your fellow adventurous travelers about it. Become part of the ISEEIGO network. For all of us, both readers and writers, travel is like breathing—it’s part of living. We all want to constantly expand our knowledge of the world and its many cultures and understand that discovery is not a one-time experience; it’s a way of life. By coming to ISEEIGO you’ve already become part of a special community, one comprised of people obsessed with learning about the world. Get involved with ISEEIGO, both as a reader and a resource. Join us, and let the adventure begin!

Richard Thiel

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